On Finishing My Second Album

My album went off to print today.

My second album, with 12 tracks, just like the first. With 7 guest musicians, less than the first. With 10 of my own compositions, more than the first. Each one so precious and the subject of so much time and thought.

Funny though, for an artist working at the level at which I am, that's the easy bit. By a long shot. Now comes the part where I try and persuade people that it's worth their while listening to it and maybe even buying it.

And that takes a long time. And a lot of work. And I keep reading and hearing that no-one buys albums any more. And part of me feels horrified at the thought of the next few months in which I will tell you all again and again in many different ways about my album and the gigs I will play to allow you and others experience the music from the album live. And to allow me the pleasure of performing the music.

But the other part of me knows that if I don't promote it, and pour my heart and soul in to the promotion of it on the same level as I did when I wrote and rehearsed and recorded each one of those precious 12 tracks, I will be left with shelves-full of brown boxes, each full of 84 untouched CDs, gathering dust for many years to come. And that, my friends, is not a happy thought.

But, I am lucky. Once again I find myself at the start of an exciting journey, in the middle of another one, and since none of us know when the end of any of these journeys will come about, I plan to enjoy it and savour everywhere it brings me. Into the company of many of you I hope.

Welcome to the next few months...