The First Dance

The First Dance - the title of the track played by Seamie O’Dowd, John Joe Kelly and I in this video. My first attempt at writing a jig, but also the opening track of our Melodic Reflection album – a musical dance between piano and guitar explored in more detail as the album progresses.
And today, this tune also represents my first dance with blogging.  I will publish a blog post each day for the next 35 days – some short and some longer, some written and some filmed, some you’ll find interesting and some you won’t, but hopefully enough of the former that you will stay with me on this short trip!
No sales pitches. No politics or religion. No clickbait. Just some stories, insights, and above all honesty from me about all things musical and the piano.
The safest way to make sure you get to read these blogs is by signing up to my newsletter, but they will also be available on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to share with your friends, and to respond to me on anything that sparks some thought in you.
So…the first of 35 dances….hope you like the tune!