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Hotel California won a Grammy for Record of the Year in 1978, and the guitar solo was voted the greatest of all time by readers of the renowned Guitarist magazine in 1998.


It is a duet between Don Felder and Joe Walsh, written over three days by the two guitarists, and features first one, then the other and culminates in a twin guitar pattern repeated till fade, changed slightly each time to fit over the changing chords underneath.


A great duet must not only show off what each individual has to offer, but the chemistry between the two must be such that it brings the performance to a place to where neither one could have got on their own.


Of course, as well as instrumental duets, there are many famous vocal duets. Two that spring to mind immediately include Islands in the Stream (sung by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton) and Endless Love (Lionel Richie and Diana Ross), and as promised at the weekend I am very happy to announce that the theme for Theme Night 21 will be Duets.

It will be a nice open theme that will mean twice as many people as usual will get to perform as well as providing great variety throughout the night.


Note from Kieran – Hi everybody - I am aware that I initially promised that there would be no sales pitches in this blog. However a significant number of you have been in touch over the past week disappointed to have missed out on tickets for Theme Night #20 and said that you would love to hear in advance about events such as these theme nights.

So – in the spirit of thanking you all for signing up and continuing to read these emails, you are the first to know that tickets for Theme Night #21 (26&27 Sept in the Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo) will go on sale tomorrow morning (Tuesday 1 May) at 10am from or 071-9161518.

And you can watch Francie Lenehan and Keith O'Donnell battle it out on the Hotel California solo from Theme Night 20 here..